LNK PLASTICS, LLC. FAQ – Last updated January 24, 2021

LNK’s reconditioned thread protectors go through four-point visual inspection while unloading from trailers, loading into machines, during the scrubbing process, then again before placed on a pallet. Reconditioned protectors are also tested on gauges before palletized to ensure a proper fit. We offer standard duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty reconditioned thread protectors. By using reconditioned thread protectors you will save around 50%, of the cost of a new protector.

All thread protectors are recycled and reused as a reconditioned thread protector or, if damaged, the protector is cleaned, ground into regrind, then remanufactured into a new form.

LNK’s friendly, full-time drivers are in charge of all order deliveries and protector pickups. LNK owned trucks delivering every time help ensure consistent, on-time, and smooth transportations. We can guarantee no extra or hidden logistic fee. We understand your time and deadlines are very important.

LNK provides super sacks at the site to store used thread protectors after use.

Once sacks are filled with used protectors, LNK will pick up the super sacks for reconditioning, and recycling.

We can provide our customers with a detailed disposal of OCTG thread protector report for their records.

The main benefits of LNK Plastics recovery program consist of reduced waste and considerable savings on present and future projects. Lower cost than disposing at a landfill. Recycling protectors with LNK helps to maintain a clean and safe work environment.

Yes, if the super sacks can not be picked up prior to the move. We ask that you take them to your new location.

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